RKM Legend: The Jack of All Trades

 Born Ryan Kelly Moreland on February 18, 1992, in Houston, Texas, my life has been a testament to overcoming adversity and transforming challenges into triumphs.

Growing up, I faced numerous hurdles, including a stutter that made communication difficult. Instead of letting it hold me back, I turned to music—rap, singing, and acting—as my sanctuary and outlet. Through my artistry, I found my voice and inspired others to find theirs. This journey led to the creation of Legendary Music Team LLC, a haven for aspiring artists who seek to express their creativity and courage.

My drive to conquer fears didn’t stop with music. I faced my deepest fears head-on, from public speaking to a fear of heights. Embracing calisthenics, a discipline requiring immense physical and mental strength, I overcame my fear of heights, transforming both my body and spirit. This experience cemented my belief in the power of perseverance.

Beyond music and fitness, I’m also the visionary behind LegendWear Apparel, a luxury brand designed to empower the elite. This brand reflects my ethos of fearlessness, encouraging individuals to embrace their inner strength and defy limitations.

But my journey isn’t just about personal achievements; it’s also about celebrating and uplifting the incredible women who inspire me every day. Your beauty, strength, and grace fuel my creativity and passion. You are the muses behind my melodies, the rhythm to my beats, and the essence of my lyrics. Your presence in my life motivates me to push boundaries and strive for greatness.

I’m more than just a musician; I’m a writer, actor, director, and personal trainer. In everything I do, I aim for authenticity and address societal issues with unflinching honesty. My diverse skills and fearless approach to life echo the spirit of the tiger, a symbol of resilience and tenacity. Standing at 5'10", I tackle life’s challenges head-on with an unwavering resolve.

Ladies, I want you to know that my heart beats for you. Your support and admiration mean the world to me. I pour my soul into my music, hoping it resonates with you and touches your hearts. My goal is to create a connection that transcends the stage and screen, reaching into the very core of your being.

As RKM Legend, the jack of all trades, I leave my mark in every industry I touch. Whether it’s music, fashion, fitness, or film, I bring passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, let’s make magic happen. Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. Your love and support inspire me to be fearless, to push boundaries, and to create something truly extraordinary.




-Written by RKM Legend